Week 7

As I sit here and eat cheese with my husband, I realise that health and wellbeing is so needed for me to enjoy this cheese and not feel guilty at all. I’ve had a few nights out and holidays to take so haven’t been too precious about what I’m eating at all. My mantra “keep active and eat the cheese”.

I’m feeling much better this week, much stronger. This week I’ve only had 3 exercise days, but keeping busy and walking the dog faster and longer than and it’s working. I’ve also swapped my swim day with my friend to running, this was the 2nd week that I did it and I already could feel that my stamina was much better than the first. It really helps running with someone, especially someone who has done triathalons and knows how to keep going. My breathing is always an issue when I’m running, I run along and realise I’m panting like a dog and hyperventilating, then feel like I’m going to die and have to stop. Very much the same this time, but I managed to do it for longer without feeling I was going to die and I imagine it will keep getting better. The advice I was given was, try to keep your breathing at the same rate you decide, don’t get dragged in to hyperventilating. Easier said than done.

I always find it hard on holidays to keep your resolutions up. My first real day of my holiday last night, I drank a lot and ate a lot, more of a celebratory first night, but I really didn’t care as I went for a run before it. It’s all about evening it out. I’m not absolutely happy about my weight, but I can feel the difference in more ways than 1. My main positive thing about what I’m doing to get fit; I don’t feel down or a bit insane, just normal. I’m starting to feel that my mindset towards exercise has changed. I’m much more at one with it and am much happier for it to be a larger part of my life. Doing more, gives you more back.


So this week I managed

2x 30 minute sessions on the exercise bike at level 5 intensity

1x Hour long run down a country road

3x fast 45 minute walks

That and just feeling that I just had to keep moving. I don’t feel like that today, so I’m doing nothing. I suppose its just trying to not beat yourself up when you do just need to sit. As long as you’re on the road for the long term and you can see and feel the difference in yourself.

No weight loss or fat loss this week, but it’s ok. Starting to feel more balanced.

12st 4

38.3% fat.