Week 6

After feeling like I failed a bit before last weeks post, I’m feeling stronger than I’ve felt in a long time. I managed x4 nights of exercise bike. x2 long, fast and hard dog walks while pushing the pram. And instead of sitting, I’ve been trying to sort the house and be full of energy, it really does pay off, and it does give you even more energy.

For me, the hardest bit of this has been that after my first baby, I went back to work and within a few weeks to a month I was down to pre baby weight, a size 10/12 and had my whole wardrobe to choose from. Fast forward 5 years, different job, different body and it’s a lot harder. I doubt it’s just me, but the more kids I have, the more energy I need. I cannot go without any meals and they’ve got to be big and filling! I cannot go without coffee and a snack at 11am, then again at 4pm just so that I can survive the day.


Once upon a time there was a lot less to do, now I need to fuel for what’s happening.

When I’m looking at the scale week on week and it’s saying I’m almost the same weight, I want to punch it! But you know what, it’s ok! I’m very slowly watching my fat percentage go down and that’s the most important part really. I’m feeling my fitness rise and my ability to do more for longer rise, it’s a great feeling. 

I’ve moved up another level on the exercise bike - level 5 - and after I’ve done my 10km I don’t need to stop because I feel like I’m going to die. when I stop I’m making myself do 20 sit ups, easy you’d think, but I’ve never done full sit ups like these before, now I can do 20.

All the small things are getting me through this. I will do this, but as I still eat biscuits and see results, I wonder what an awful thing it must be to do it without biscuits.

weight - 12st 4

fat - 38.3% 

Also - my husband said I look great.