Week 5

After last weeks positivity I felt that this week everything fell by the wayside.  I’ve managed to have pizza for dinner for the last 2 nights and I sat in work eating chocolate that a client brought us in every afternoon, I have to eat it if it’s there.   It’s been a tough week in the life stakes, I’ve eaten too much, drank too much and done too little.

I did what I said I wanted to do the last few nights with 10km on the exercise bike at level 4 and I can feel it in my legs, I’m so happy about that! Although I feel that just now it’s a bit of a vicious circle, as even though I’m doing what I said, I’m eating like a horse and not trying AT ALL.   Although in saying that, I’ve still been doing some. I’ve still been eating more fruit and vegetables. I’ve been having cereal in work rather than a heavy sandwich. So perhaps I’m being too hard on myself, and we all still have to live so that’s what I’ve been doing.

I think I have to start to be more sensible. Chocolate, pizza and beer are maybe not how I’m going to do this long term, although short term I’m sure they’ve spread a bit of joy and fat into my percentage!  



-           10km on exercise bike at level 4


-           30 sit ups

Wednesday - NOTHING


-           Morning power walk with the dog and the pram

-          Afternoon walk with the dog

-          10km on exercise bike at level 4


-          Morning power walk with the dog

-          Afternoon walk with dog

-          20 sit ups


-          Painted the bathroom

Sunday – NOTHING


2 days of nothing and 1 day with hardly anything, it’s not bad I suppose, but it’s not as good as I was hoping either. I can’t seem to get enough of these digestive thins either …… they’re soooo good. So good, but so so bad.

People keep saying it’s ok, everything in moderation, but my question is, what is moderation. What’s moderation when you stand staring out of your window in silence eating a full box of biscuits because you think it’ll make you feel better. It did. And although it’s not the best or the healthiest, we’re all human, and this is exactly why I can’t restrict myself to a “diet”. Sometimes you just need what you need, no matter what you’re trying to do.

My friend has just been round and she’s got the myfitness pal app, all she needs to do is scan the product and that’s you. It works out calories used against calorie intake. This may be more like something I need to try, but I don’t know if I can see myself making the time and effort to do this. I think if what I’m doing with exercise and not snacking (most of the time) doesn’t work, perhaps it’ll be time to look into other ways of doing things. But I’m still on target, kind of.

Weight 12.4

Body fat percentage 38.5%