Week 4

So here I am, about 4 weeks from deciding that enough was enough and that I had to lose the weight that I’d gained over the last almost 2 years. It’s been a thought every few weeks, although really I’ve done nothing to lose this weight.

It’s my first health post, as I’m certain that this time, I will stick to it and eventually get myself down to pre baby weight and to a size 10/12.  

Pre second baby weight - 10st 7. Post second baby 12st 13. The time has come. So I’ve been trying so hard not to diet, I think they’re a total waste of time and as soon as you’ve lost, you’ll just put the weight straight back on! I’ve got a pretty healthy diet, I don’t snack.... until my husband brings lots of cheese home and that’s it - it’s over!!! But I’m sure we all have these things that were sure to fall down on. 

So I’ve been trying to do 10k on the exercise bike 4 nights a week and swimming for an hour another day, then rest at the weekend or bike if I can be bothered! It’s working for my self esteem, fitness levels and muscles although no true weight loss or clothes size drop! So things need to get serious now!  

I have so many lovely clothes, all the wrong size. I grudge buying new clothes for this size, although I would. If this fitness journey takes me to being really fit and still a size 16, then fine, I’ll cave. As long as my stomach is also fit and flat!

My main issue is laziness! I find it harder on days off or days with the kids to motivate myself to do anything, after work I feel like I’m in the zone, that I want to sweat work out of me. But, every day I have to do something or this is never going to work. And with my very serious refusal of a diet is the way it has to be.

I needed to write this post as I’ve chickened out of everything for almost a week, then I thought of documenting and having a task to set myself would make me do it more. So as I’m on the bike, which I SO didn’t want to go on tonight, I will make myself.  I’ve been inspired by my friend’s new fitness venture, although this is in no way a venture to get others involved, merely a post to say that it’s fucking hard, it’s fucking shit, but I’m gonna try to do it anyways!

So I’ll try to post weekly on my updates on fitness, something for keeping fit mentally and physically I suppose and if you want to follow my journey and I can inspire others then great! If not, fine, this section of my blog really is for me.

Week 4

weight - 12 st 7

body fat - 38.4%