Upcycling A Piano Stool

Making your house better while never having the same furniture as others. This was my first thoughts when I started sifting through antique shops and reclamation yards, but it’s turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Throughout our house other than my daughter’s room, I think we have one piece of furniture that’s new, the rest are either old and interesting or old and personalised or refreshed.

Deciding what will look good.

I suppose you could go on pinterest and find whatever you’re looking for, I did. I planned that I wanted a house full of furniture that no one else has.. Picking up anything I could at the expense of my husband’s sadness “more old furniture, you’ll never do anything with it” He was wrong of course, you do have time, things don’t take long if you’ve got even the faintest of plans.

Decide on what to upcycle and leave some old interesting antiques alone.

I found an old telephone table with 8 sides and 4 little mini flaps that make cupboards with a wrecked piece of leather at the top of it. It looks like it needs something, but I can't bring myself to do anything to it, its just so cool. I got it for £5 from a charity shop.


But on the other hand, one day at work I saw a sad looking old piano stool, that had apparently been in the bin, but had been rescued for someone’s project. I decided to take on the project. You can’t need much to do it up I thought. Although back then, I had a house full of “might do in the future” furniture and this was just another addition to our interesting looking house. Then I fell pregnant, not a time to take on any projects, no matter how small.

So the piano stool sat in a corner, behind some things, I’m so glad I kept it for so long. 



This is it now.

What a great addition to the house. And I’m in full knowledge I’ll keep it forever as I made it, I put it back together, it’s a personal win. So now that this is done, I have a new project that I’ll share when I’m finished.

All of it cost me £40. The fabric cost me the most as I knew I wanted a William Morris fabric, I love the patterns, we’ve already got a few lamp shades with these type of designs and it makes the place look fantastic.

All I did was sand it down, paint it, put a bit of plywood over the hole, put foam on top with a staple gun, stretch the fabric over the foam and pin in place with a staple gun, then use furniture pins along the edges to hide any bit of material that I hadn't cut correctly!

I got everything from Ebay. Everything or similar I’ve linked below in case I’ve inspired you and you don't have what you need.




Staple Gun and staples

Paint - my favourite is chalk paint is Annie Sloan, usually it's quite expensive to buy, so I've always just used Ebay. I've linked my search for you to see whats there, I like that you don't have to sand the furniture down, but you do then have to wax it. It gives it such a nice feel, it's definitely my preferred paint for furniture, although this time I actually had some Satin in the garage so used it. I don't think it's come out with the same sheen, but I'm not disappointed.

Wax - if you do end up using chalk paint you should wax on, usually i just use a dishtowel to "wax on" then another to "wax off."