Trip to Tantrum Town

A trip to tantrum town is;

a)       Unavoidable

b)      Shit

c)       Great for making you feel like a shit parent

d)      Absolutely insane with no reasoning


We always thought when people told us about the “terrible twos” we had that shit year ahead and that was it, then the reasoning hits and all is well, but they don’t tell you it gets worse when they can reason.

Although as stressful as it is to have a baby cry and cry or a toddler freak out, it gets funnier and funnier the older they get with more and more reasoning. ‘I don’t want to go, because……………..” waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

This happened the other day when for the first time in ages we took them to town to do some shopping. My husband got his hair cut and while we were waiting and the eldest was starting to get crazy, he handed her a lolly, an angel in disguise as a barber. Anyways, the hair cut lasted all of 10 minutes and we had to go shopping for a suit after so we made her put the lolly in the bin on the proviso that we’d buy her another later. So in to the bin it went.

Jesus, we would have been better letting her smear the lolly over all of the suits and buying them all. She went nuts. No amount of our “if you’re good, we’ll get you another one” would help. She was not being good, she was not getting another one. Screaming at the top of her voice, kicking the seats and falling on the floor stamping her feet in the middle of this shop. Until that was the next angel appeared with a chocolate for her. She absolutely did not deserve this chocolate and I had half a mind to tear it out of her hand, but for the silence, I did not.

Seeing as all of these lovely people had looked after my screaming monster with a look of “we know what you’re going through” it made me feel a little calmer about the whole situation of a crazy girl kicking and screaming “LOLLLLLLYYYYYY POOOOPPPPPP.” For people without children it must be a contraception, two perfectly normal happy humans being pulled apart by insanity.

So we got through that, shoulders full of the stress of taking small people about with you, trying to live your life as much and as easily as you used to with this small person with an aversion to everything that you want to do. Tantrums happen for reason, and no reason. Basically never give your kid anything that it likes or wants because if it stops getting it, or you have to leave for some crazy reason to live life then all shit hits the fan.

“I just had a tantrum there mum, I’m sorry”

This is the stage we’re at. 30 mins of not speaking to her after her 1 hour of mentalness. Realisation or reasoning doesn’t help their wee heads, they just have to get their stress and anger out the only way possible. To be utter shits to their parents!!! But still we love them to pieces.