Spring Thoughts

So I’m having a bit of an 80s 90s vibe just now, so I feel like I should share as I’m loving it.

TV – so we started watching ER from the start and it’s awesome! I was too young to watch it right from the start before and I’m so glad that I’ve decided to go back, sometimes going back and watching the old things can be cool too and perhaps more addictive than a lot of the things that are new these days. So I’m loving that!

Films – so for a while we were watching new films that were utter rubbish and we just weren’t getting what we wanted from them so we decided to go onto the greats section. Some were amazing, the one that sticks out right now is “The scent of a woman” old again, a classic and actually much better than I thought it would be. I’m loving this vibe!

Music – so it’s Madonna. Completely and utterly. I had a really shit few weeks and was pretty stressed about everything, so I downloaded every Madonna song and it was amazing! I was literally just dancing in the car for 3 days and my mood totally changed. I was completely loving life! It’s funny how some things can just change your mood, don’t get me wrong other times I love listening to slow chilled, but perhaps when you’re in a good place already it’s fine to listen to whatever; but this time I knew what was needed. 

I’ve been having a really good time with some things in life and a really shit time with others recently, but one thing that I’ve started to see is that everything rarely goes well at once. You can’t focus on it all, which is something that I’ve always done! I think perhaps I’m one of these people who want to do a million things and focus on a million things and then realise “wait a minute, I need a minute.” So in my minute, I have Madonna.

I’m thinking I need to focus on one thing at a time and I’m so excited to say that looking back at my resolutions that we’re almost there. Just waiting on our next financial injection to get our room finished and trying to find more new healthy and amazing recipes that we can focus on, I’m thinking of a weekly meal plan, something that I can look at and know already, thinking that would be a great way to keep focused and I’ll share once I’ve organised. 

After quite a depressing month I’m starting to feel the positivity flowing through and I’m so excited about it.