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Real Resolutions

When I started thinking about whether I wanted to, let alone could write a post about New Year resolutions without exploding with laughter at the thought of actually sticking to them, I was swaying. I got thinking about how many resolutions I’ve written over the 30 Christmases; I stopped myself, thinking about how many I’d failed…..every single one.

I’ve never lost weight after Christmas. I’ve never dieted. I’ve stopped drinking wine for any length of time; perhaps for a few weeks, but then a surprise night comes along when you’ve either had a really shit day or an actual night out comes along. I’ve probably never stuck to anything in my life. This year I enlisted the help of my husband to decide and actually to succeed with my resolutions.

He made a very good point, don’t focus on the small things, and don’t focus on January. Focus on the big things and throughout the whole year.

No 1 - I made a recent and very scary decision; after maternity leave to quit my job and completely change career. A big decision, but I think it’ll be the right one; it’s never too late to change your life for the better. It’s an even bigger decision because it’s going to take three years of study to half my salary at the end, but it’s still the right one. I’ve come to the true believing that it’s the right thing to follow your dream, even if your incomings won’t be as much, you will be happy in your life. You only get one, it’s definitely the right decision.

No 2 - Find a part time job, between quitting my job and starting the course, baring in mind there may not be space until the next year; so it has to be something that makes me happy. Happiness is the goal, if it wasn't I'd just go back to my job after maternity leave. 

No 3 - Get our spare bedroom stripped, plastered, corniced and painted and decorated and then move my eldest in when it’s perfect. I’ll be looking for inspiration for the perfect little girl’s room, potentially two little girls’ room in the future if things still go the same way in 2 years with my eldest begging for bunk beds. I have a feeling that things will change.

No 4 - Try to have a healthy year, starting in January with a dry few weeks and continuing it through the year. This healthy year includes healthier meals, no more ready made and walking or running every second night for both of us. We have a tendency if the dog’s had a big walk that day and we’re feeling lazy, we don’t go, so that has to change; the dog might not be too happy about a big walk every night, she sometimes looks at us with “are you joking?” I did get new scales for Christmas which I think will spur me on, they have already told my my body fat percentage is too high; not shocked, but also shocked. I got this one, I'm not sure it's a good idea having them as now's the time that I actually may become obsessed; although is it not better becoming obsessed by fat percentage, than actual weight!! I actually told my husband to buy me them for Christmas and they've been an awesome present!!

No 5 - Make plans after the previous 4, to get our flat rented again. Our tenant has given us notice that she’s moving in the summer, so we need to make sure it’s quick and seemless, if I’m not going to be earning money. Just adds a bit of stress on top of everything, will it rent, will it not. They always do, but I think we will put this one straight into a letting agent, it’s too much hassle doing it privately. I feel it would make me happier to leave it to someone else to look after and with happiness as the goal – it’s a no brainer.

Basically we have hardly any goals / resolutions, but the ones we do have are big. I like that. This is the way. The main aim is happiness, it actually should be everyone’s main aim. Without any resolutions my goal is happiness and joy from all pieces of life. 2017 was a good year and 2018 is already looking really exciting. Do what makes you happy and life will always feel light.

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