Pumpkin Thoughts

So here I am after buying 4 pumpkins 1 day before Halloween, cutting it fine as usual. This year was quite different to the big lead up that we had last year with our £10 pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and our dreams of creating our masterpieces. This year was 4 big pumpkins for £2 from the supermarket, I imagine so cheap as no one will want them come tomorrow. So 1 to me I suppose.

This got me thinking where all the pumpkins go, I know that the ones at the expensive pumpkin patch are recycled and used as sheep food - go them! But for supermarkets that still - as I’ve just seen - have lots, I’m not so sure...

What do you do with your pumpkin? Do you carve it, leave it outside or even inside and a few days later condemn it to the bin? Probably! Most people do. Who has sheep roaming around in their garden, they have a food waste bin, so with that in mind, perfect sense. But why?

make soup

The number 1 thing to do. My friend Fi (www.caramelandcashmere.com) just put up a recipe that looks delicious!

make a pie

Old fashioned as it may be to make a pumpkin pie, it’s better to use than waste. 

pumpkin bread 

I think I’m going to muse over a recipe and maybe try this out this weekend.

pumpkin seeds

Take off the extra flesh, boil them, then roast with a bit of salt! Or even without for the healthy option.

In every aspect of life lets Be better waste wise. Don’t use it, pass it on. Someone will make use of what you won’t! So there we are, be more sustainable. Make less waste, so that you aren’t putting the world’s resources in the bin I suppose.

Have a lovely Halloween! Just make soup the next day..... and freeze it. Or give it away! 

Lifes better when you share anyways! Happy Halloween!