Pea Risotto

I meant to post this months ago when I first found out that it was so cheap and easy! So I had almost completely run out of food when I first made this, but it turned out that I had the ingredients for it, and most people probably would….. I’m always looking for inspiration and I’m not one for planning amazing meals and taking lots of time cooking them, I just don’t have the time. So the whole point is to try to be healthy, be cheap and be fast. And maybe along the way I’ll be able to find some staples, maybe even become one of those awesome moms that do a meal plan.

This one is cheap and healthy, and is quite fast, not as fast as shoving something in the oven and setting a timer, but where’s the health/fun in that.

Ingredients: (serves 4)

  • 1 vegetable stock cube/jelly

  • Parmesan

  • Olive oil

  • X4 cps Alborio Rice

  • 250ml White wine

  • ½ onion

  • 5 cps Peas




1)      Make your stock with boiling water and start to boil your peas, at the same time heat the pan with the oil and throw the half onion in, leave for a few mins until sweating.

2)      Throw in the dry rice and fry for a minute or two, then completely cover in wine, keep stirring.

3)      Once the wine has disappeared and the rice is starting to stick to the bottom as you stir, cover completely in stock (keep topping stock up every time the rice starts to dry out in the pan – you should have used 2pints of water by the end, but only the 1 stock cube), keep stirring and when the stock had been cooked off pour more in – repeat 3 times. This should make it creamy.


4)      As you are cooking your rice, your peas will be ready, take half of them and blitz them into a puree, mix  with 100g grated parmesan.

5)      There should be the smallest amount of water left for your last pour, your rice should be almost ready. Pour the last of the water in along with the pea and parmesan puree.

6)      Mix through the risotto and add the whole peas. Continue stirring until ready.

7)      Add seasoning to taste

8)      Serve using a potato peeler to shave some extra parmesan over the top of your plate! Enjoy!