Lets Stop and Think About Ourselves for a Second

At this time of year you would normally be feeling the beautiful crisp effect of spring just about to descend on us, but instead it feels like we’re going backwards. This winter wonderland would have been more suited to December than March, the month of buds starting to show, the Easter bunny, the end of the winter and most importantly the time of year that I get older.

Getting Older

Having never really thought much about it much before it is taking up quite a lot of my thoughts at the moment. Probably more of a thought as my knee is so sore, I feel like I’m turning 80. I definitely don’t feel like I’m in my twenties anymore. I didn’t think it was possible to have an old creaky knee, but apparently with less than three weeks to your 30th birthday it is.

It’s all new for me feeling wrecked and thinking about it I’ve felt like this for quite a while, a large part of it to do with the baby. Dreaming back to before my second pregnancy I was fit and full of life, but since being pregnant and having her I’ve fallen into being lazy and doing no exercise. My body obviously has had a shock. You get dragged down with the lack of sleep and the looking after of little ones that you forget about yourself.

Do I have time to remember myself?

I think perhaps we all have the smallest amount of time that we don’t actually realise that we have. It came to me recently as I’ve been reading a lot about self care throughout motherhood and I when I’ve been reading about what other people do all I could think was “where do they find this time?” and so again, I went to the back. Sometimes I tried locking myself in the bathroom for a few extra minutes with my phone when my husband came home from work just for a little social media and “me” time, but it didn’t really feel like me time, just that I was locked in a bathroom.

 It was last week when we were on holiday with friends that I learned about how to grab “me” time without actually having anymore time. My friend took the girls for a bath, and when I went up to check on them, she wasn’t bathing them. She was letting them play amongst themselves and she was sitting reading a book with a gin and tonic in hand. Self care with no time.  

With that inspiration and the beauty of the baby being 9 months now and going down a few hours earlier each night, I can do this.

3 things

-          7 minutes of yoga every morning no matter what (I downloaded an app)

-          Curl my eyelashes no matter what

-          10 minutes of reading a book before bed no matter what Outlander: (Outlander 1)">(I’m reading this series, it’s amazing!! I'm on the second book)

This is only the beginning. These are the first three things to make me feel like I care about myself as I age. I plan to age like my dog, do everything I want to, then at night when I get my 10 minutes of reading time, sink into my bed to the warmth to totally relax and enjoy every part of life, even the down time, although I must remember to moisturise. 

For me, I'll never be that mother that goes for a bath with her essential oils and book, but a little bit of care during the day in the middle of the madness, then moisturiser and wine, that’s how I’d like to age.