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Kirtlebridge, Dumfries and Galloway


After our days away I realise there is so much of Scotland that we really don’t know. This is a beautiful farm, with our beautiful cottage tucked away 10 minutes from the nearest town Annan. There was no need to go to Annan other than for our food shopping, although they mentioned that we could order to out house and not leave at all!

We were well prepared although like normal we never make any plans. The plan became investigate. It was great.


The farm was that big, with animals, birds, walks, bbq area, gardens and games. Even cameras and toys set up for badgers and hedgehogs for us to try to catch a glimpse of them. Although we didn’t manage to glimpse these, we did see the garden after their visit and very much knew they were living just past our garden and in the wood. A red squirrel jumped past our stable door that evening and this was a massive highlight.

We spent a few days away, firstly at Annan Distillery which was amazing. Again, travelling with young children AND a dog is very challenging. There is hardly ever anywhere that accepts both and finding this distillery was a god send. Exploring, enjoying the café and finding the best bathroom ever! Although we didn’t do the tour, we weren’t there for that, we’ve done so many tours by ourselves that we would never force the kids round anything. We’re too focused on getting through the day with no meltdowns. Just buy the whisky for later.


Secondly we went out to Caerlaverock Castle which was amazing. One of the best castles that I’ve seen, some bits not a ruin at all. We were all very impressed and since I have a daughter who is obsessed with castles and princesses this was a massive hit. It helped that there was a café with an outside seating area facing on to a massive green for the children to run. The dog was welcome on the grounds and it made the day full of wonder and games of princesses and castles. Kids Imaginations are amazing.


Really we could have done without leaving the farm. There was a playpark that you had to walk through the sheep, lambs, goats and pig, I made a few friends out of the goats and what a lovely thing for children and adults. The ponies are behind and come to speak to you when you go over. You could spend hours with the animals alone, but the playpark keeps the wee ones entertained.

The farm was amazing, the conservation plans, the bird boxes, the fact that the farmers buy mice to feed the buzzards and try their best to let the ground nesting birds survive made the place live. The field next to our cottage was living, as you were walking along it was literally buzzing. It was quite amazing.


My only issue is that spiders are my biggest fear. Biggest fear ever. It says a lot that after the amount of spiders that I met that I’d still be willing to go back. It was that good and the animals were that lovely that I’d do it. I survived Australia, so I’ll survive another trip here. There are so many good things and sometimes you just have to get over your fears.

So after almost a week with foreign feeling summer sun, in a great setting, we managed to have an amazing time. The next time we go we might be back to Scotland’s normal weather, and that’s fine. It’s even more fine because the barbeque area is covered. We will be back.


We stayed at Williamwood Farm

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