It's a Dog's Life

I’m looking at my dog. Oh to be a dog. Do I want to be a dog? Perhaps. It’s pretty much the holiday I dream of. Getting up from bed. Wandering through to the couch. Taking a wander outside. Getting in the car with your chauffeurs taking your somewhere for a nice walk in the country. Getting dropped off at the house for a few hours alone to relax. Your servants coming back to feed you something delicious, then some treats. Then another wander. Back to the couch for a while. Maybe a wee back massage. To bed.

I’ve never thought about my dogs life to be my dream holiday before, but now I have I think I’ll have a bit more jealousy aimed towards her. What a life. To be so loved and so full of love and on a constant holiday with people that you love, sometimes having some time to relax, regroup and think. What a life.

I wish my dog would listen to me when I tell her about my perfect holiday, I wish she would see the connection with her life and this holiday. I wish she would understand that she doesn’t have to freak out every time we leave the house. She doesn’t have to shit in the house. She doesn’t have to eat our walls.

She’s got the eyes of a human, I’m telling her right now, but she’s not listening. She’s a ten year old dog that was treated so badly for the first 3 years of her life that she’s mentally scarred. No matter how happy she is, she has the underlying fear and panic. Having the children have helped her feel more at home, she can make sure they’re ok, join in the big ones games.

We went to an SSPCA dog rescue centre 7 years ago for a look, for the future, and left with her. She sat at the front of the cage, small, quiet and staring. There were hundreds of dogs, how do you choose a dog, it’s the worst decision you’ll have to make, knowing that others will more than likely be put down. She cost us £70, so that she was fit for leaving. She was spayed and given a full MOT then she was ours.

What a time we had. Constantly battling with ourselves to whether we made the right decision. Did we? Absolutely. For years, we wondered if we were in the wrong career to have a dog, hospitality, although we had her in dog day care, walkers, the works, she was a worthwhile rent. Then all of a sudden it was too much. She wouldn’t calm down, we couldn’t keep coming home to the madness that was our life, in such a mess every day. I phoned the dogs trust and got a date for her to go there to find better owners to suit her, my decision was made better because they don’t put healthy dogs down unlike the place we got her.

Two weeks before I burst into tears and cried on her, told her what we had to do and that I was so sorry.

Then it stopped. She all of a sudden; stopped destroying our house, stopped shitting in the house, stopped barking (the neighbours had been complaining heavily). We left it until the last day, we couldn’t believe it. I called the dogs trust and cancelled them.

Sometimes I think my dog doesn’t understand me, then I remember this and realise she understands more than you would believe. After living with us for all of these years, through 5 house moves and 2 children, I know she understands that there is nothing to be scared of. But the past never goes, in any of us. Think to the future, because your life will be prosperous and happy.