I love having a baby

It’s great having a baby. A tiny presence, so loud, taking up lots of time and space; sometimes you can forget. Its those days that you don’t feel like you’ve been smiled at all day, but still all they want is for you to look at them and play with them the full day! If my eldest is at nursery, the answer of what I do on these days is nothing. I plan nothing because I feel like it’d be a great time to clean and to tidy the house, do the things that you can’t do when there’s a four year old asking what’s next for us to do. Then I end up playing with the baby, fully concentrating on the baby, as if I don’t – she’ll cry. My husband gets home and asks me what I did, my answer is absolutely nothing, other than I kept your kid alive and happy.

It grates on you doing everything, yet getting nothing done, I’m lucky if I can make the dinner and usually it’s something quick with little or no thought. It’s fine, I remind myself, I’ve done it before, things will change, she WILL go to bed earlier, she Will sleep longer in the middle of the day, she WILL get to the stage that she doesn’t need my constant attention. Then you shake yourself, she’s only a baby once, everything else can wait. The older generation tell you to cherish the time you have when they’re babies, you’ll never get it back. Going through it all again, they’re right, there are shit bits, but there are fantastic bits that should be cherished.


She’s our last baby, and there are no more planned, this time has to be appreciated. It’s easier said than done, when there’s a scream the minute you turn away to hang up some clothes, or make the dinner, or she wakes up on the wrong side. I know there are the perfect mums that manage everything, but I also know that I am far from perfect, luckily I also know I’m not the only one who doesn’t sail into this role in calm seas. Its hard to compete with some of the perfect photos you see, but I don’t. As long as the kids looked after and happy all is fine in the world. When you get the chance go and sit in a quiet room and recover before planning the next day full of events to keep them busy. That’s my key. After all, you’re alone with the children ALL day. When my husband gets home I always have a bit of jealousy of his commute, or even him working in an office with adults all day, then I look at my photos from the day, then HE looks at my photos from the day.

Lying in bed this morning, I forgot everything. I forgot the tiredness and the fact that I couldn’t do anything ever. I had the baby in bed beside me chatting to me, then her big sister came through and got into bed. We chatted for a bit and then we sat the baby up, every time she sat up, she fell right back down, with an expression of “What are you doing to me?!?!” it was hilarious and brilliant and great. I love having a baby. I love having kids.