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Glasgow - My 30th Birthday

I suppose you could call this an adventure. My 30th birthday.

One of my closest friend started to organise my birthday, offering me many suggestions on what I should do and as she manages her life and work life, she organised me. After deliberating on all of her options I fell in love with one and felt it was the most practical for everyone that I wanted there and although it wasn’t lots of people, I would have been upset if any hadn’t been able to attend. So the decision was made – Glasgow.


Glasgow being my home town and where many of my friends still live made this decision easy, plus the fact that it’s always been such an amazing city to be in and be part of. When I lived here I lived in all different parts of the city and I’m so glad that each area has it’s own interesting bits and I miss it, but I do love it as a sort of holiday spot for when I return.

We decided, through my friend, Dakota would be the perfect hotel to stay in. There are a few of us from further afield these days and this seemed like the best for what we were looking for. We arrived early, far, far too early, kind of hoping to get to our room, but also kind of glad that we could walk around where we used to live and have a bite to eat and a drink in the bar before we checked in. The bar was busy enough and sitting at the bar together with a beer it felt like the old days at the beginning of our life together. We ordered some bread which came with a tomato and olive warm dip; it was amazing, much better than we had imagined it to be. Coming from a 5 star background we were both already impressed with the quality and feel of the hotel. It had been a few years since our last hotel minus children and we planned to take full advantage.


Our room, was perfect. You couldn’t fault any part of it; dark and perfectly styled with Dakota’s signature look, it was perfect. The word perfect must be used continuously used, as hotel goers and workers it’s hard not to judge, but judging is also a good thing as you find true gems.

 After a shower we came downstairs for a drink, before we went out to an outside restaurant that I’d had my eye on for years. As we came downstairs we already had some friends there for a surprise visit before the restaurant. The staff put us in the library area which was absolutely right for the occasion. We had nibbles from the bar menu that I’d dribbled over earlier and they were absolutely worth dribbling over.

We left the hotel for the West End to go to our chosen restaurant Porter and Rye.  We were loving being able to see some of our old haunts on the taxi ride in. We ended up sitting upstairs in Porter and Rye with our large table and had a fantastic night. The waitress, the steak, the company and the wine were just what was needed. The food was perfection, the atmosphere was buzzing. Instead of a 5 star stuffy meal, this was the perfect way to enjoy 5 star food with a chilled out relaxed surround.

It was a fantastic night.

The next morning we made ourselves wake up in time for breakfast Dakota and thank goodness. I had two breakfasts, perhaps three. Again up to 5 star standard I had to try everything. The haddock, amazing; the avocado; amazing, the salmon; amazing.

As we were checking out I realised I left my cards in the safe, I went back up to check and realised our beds were already made. I looked inside the safe and found my bank card, but realised that the cleaner had already left my credit card lying on the desk for the returning guest. As I picked up my card, I felt like a valued, cared about guest.

I would probably recommend this hotel more than most in Glasgow, and actually I would probably recommend this night more than most in Glasgow. We’ll stay again and we’ll go to Porter and Rye again, although maybe we’ll try the hotel restaurant next time! 

I do love Glasgow. 



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