Bramble Jam

This jam is the first thing I’ve made almost completely for free so it makes me even more excited to share with you. Since I’ve made this, with the brambles from my garden, I’ve just been walking the dog and found another full row of bushes next to a field so really anyone could go foraging if it’s what takes your fancy. I have to say, making something out of things that you’ve grown or foraged has so much more joy attached to it when it turns out well!

So as usual, I didn’t have the right ingredients so decided to go with it and luckily it worked out perfectly, much better than I thought!

I’m on the lookout for nice little extras for people’s Christmases, so I’m thinking jam now!


  • 1:1 Sugar (I used caster) and fruit.

  • So I used 230g of fruit and I used 230g of sugar

  • A knob of butter



1-      Make sure you clean your fruit. Mine came from the garden foraged, so I soaked in salted water for 2 hours first to kill any bugs. Rince off the salt water, then pop the fruit on the scales.

2-      Put your jars in the oven and heat to about 80 degrees C.

3-      Weigh out the same weight of fruit and sugar and put in a pot together

4-      Simmer on a very low heat, from when it starts bubbling lightly and foaming keep going for 25 more minutes. Make sure that it’s boiled away some of the juice.

5-      Do the fridge test, take some of the liquid and put in fridge for a few minutes, take out of the fridge and tilt the plate. If it runs in waves you’re ready to stop the boiling and add the 2 knobs of butter.

6-      Pour into your jars, lightly covering and leave for about 4 hours.

7-      Cover properly, I used kilner jars as they can be shut tightly.

8-      As I’ve read you can keep the jam for months, so I was thinking maybe it’d be a good Christmas present as part of a hamper of small things!

9-      We managed to get 2 jars of our jam, so one was opened and put straight in the fridge after opening, although it didn’t last very long!

10-   Enjoy!!!