Banana Bread

I’m quite excited about sharing this recipe. As I’ve said before, I’m not one for recipes, or weighing and measuring too exactly so I was so excited when I managed this banana bread (or I suppose it could be cake) without scales and missing a few major ingredients, it kind of just shows that if you have the will then you might create something even better than you had first hoped.

I was starting to get quite upset with the amount of things we’re throwing away, and the usual weekly culprits were bananas. It wasn’t like I was trying to create a healthy snacks, I was trying to keep from wasting food…. But I am trying to eat more healthily that I have been, but this doesn’t mean no snacks or no bad stuff, but it does mean more good than bad. It also means I need to do more exercise at the end of the day to work it all off. I don’t think life should be restrictive. Although having made this without any butter at all, it makes me feel much better about it.

It’s not vegan, I still use eggs, but I’ve cut the butter and used olive oil instead, which worked brilliantly. I did not think it would work so well, but I took a chance and I’ll be doing this from now on for any cakes style things that I make.


-          3 old bananas

-          5 tbl spns of olive oil

-          2 eggs

-          1 cp sugar

-          2 cps plain flour

-          1 tbl spn baking powder

-          Small pinch of salt


1-      Turn the oven to 160 degrees Celsius (fan oven)

2-      Mix the sugar and olive oil together, mix it well until it’s creamy.

3-      Add the eggs and mix again until combined.

4-      Add the old bananas and mash with fork, leave them as chunky or smooth as you’d like

5-      Add the flour, baking soda and salt, stir softly just until no flour is visible, not too much.

6-      Pour the batter into your oiled cake tin or bread tin. (I find a square cake tin works best as you can take the bottom out)

7-      Put on an oven shelf and cook for 50 mins

8-      Check with a cake tester or knife, if it doesn’t come out clean then keep in in keep going back to check 5 mins at a time.

9-      It should come out the oven dark brown, caramalised.

10-   Leave for 10 mins in tin

11-   Then 10 mins on a cooking rack

12-   Then serve. Enjoy!


So easy to make, no scales, just throw a few ingredients in. I was meant to have self raising flour, butter, vanilla essence and milk, but without these things it still tastes awesome. Let me know if you try it.