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So after our last holiday in September, we decided to book a cottage in the same area, having such a young baby and the eldest constantly asking “are we there yet!” we have vowed to holiday near rather than far. Aberfeldy. This time my husband booked it, there were a lot of arguments about which house we should choose so he took over the task. He wanted to be far enough in the country for lots of walks and adventures, but close enough to a pub. He booked what looked like a lovely house in Aberfeldy, although it was a toss up between Aberfeldy and Kenmore, but this house was decided on.

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We drove there, and it was a lovely place just outside Aberfeldy called Errichel House and Cottages, in getting there, we realised it was just a bit outside Aberfeldy, although it looked lovely and was obviously a lovely restaurant with cottages attached. The receptionist told us to wait a minute and a man in a white Land Rover would lead us to our holiday house.

After taking a few amazing photos of the fantastic scenery and the strange almost spooky fog covering the valley, Land Rover arrived. Thinking we were just going up the estate at 5miles an hour, I just got in the seat and sat the baby on my knee. We drove, out of the estate completely into a 60mile an hour zone, heart palpitating slightly, we eventually took a left up a dirt track. We kept on up the farm track, past two farm gates. We were literally in the middle of nowhere with sheep in our garden. I was loving it, my husband and the in laws, not so much.

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I think when you go on holiday you have to immerse yourself in the land, we had absolutely done this. We went inside, put on the log burning stove and the underfloor heating, opened the wine and didn’t even think of going out again. The kitchen was big enough that a silly 4 year old could go crazy, and we could chill at the enormous farmhouse table, baby seat pulling right up to the table to join in, in my mind, just what you want with a getaway. Although our dreams of a night out by ourselves in the pub was long gone.

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We went to Aberfeldy, and then to Kenmore, it’s so nice just to relax. The eldest was pretty taken with the walks and the shops too, even though she wanted something in every shop, as usual. We decided to go for a walk ourselves and ended up going out and up the hill on the farm land towards Glentully and Castle Dow. Possibly the scariest walk I’ve ever been on, we came across an old cottage, by looking at it from the 17th century at least. It was dark, with a dead goat lying outside it. We walked on, went through another gate and walked between the trees, it was utterly terrifying, but we kept going, needing some time alone together and some exercise. We kept walking for another 20 minutes, then I noticed a spade, about 4 miles away from anything, it was time to go. It was turning to dusk, and the path between the trees got scarier! But when we got back to the farm gate, I realised it was actually a really nice walk, a walk I wanted to do in the summer!

We didn’t do much this holiday, just playing games and relaxing with the sheep. Eating and drinking, as you do on every holiday. I think in the summer, this setting would have been fantastic, but at the end of November, the days were short and the nights were long, and coming from a city, it takes a lot to go out in the dark when you can’t see an inch in front of your face.

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We went to Highland Safaris just outside Aberfeldy another day, and I’d say other than being able to relax and enjoy the countryside and wine, it was the highlight. We got a talk about all types of deer, obviously the eldest was very interested in the reindeer. Unfortunately there were no reindeer there – as they were in the North Pole obviously, but there were the most amazing red deer. These deer came straight over to us, some with the biggest antlers I’ve ever seen, letting us feed and pat them. What an experience.

Of course on the way back we had to take a drive through Dunkeld and Birnam, we fell in love with Dunkeld from September and the eldest wanted to go to Beatrix Potter Land again.

So at the end of our holiday, suddenly it’s almost Christmas. And very nearly time to book another holiday, possibly somewhere hot next time. 

I love having a baby

I love having a baby

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling