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8 Things I love about Christmas

8 Things I love about Christmas

1 – The smell. the smell of Christmas is the best. We always get a real tree which makes our house smell lovely, although this year we decided to invest in some pine cones with a spiced Christmassy smell which made everything better. Every time I walked past them on the way to the kitchen I was reminded of all things Christmas.

 2 – Buying presents for people. We are like most of you, we don’t have a massive disposable income, so don’t go crazy, but it’s so nice trying to find things that people will like, especially when you see things that just fit that person so well and you know they’ll love it. Although it’s so nice if you receive something you love, for me it’s amazing when people realise you know them and that you know what they love. Some people make you stressed, the people that have everything and the people that don’t need or want anything, but I suppose I always have to remember that money or not, time is the best gift.

3 – The movies. Christmas movies are the best. They’re so nice in a world that a lot of the time is anything but nice. They give you happiness through other peoples’ happiness, that’s what it’s all about right? Reminding you to be nice to others. It’s a good reminder.

4 – The music. You go the whole year hearing no Christmas music, no children singing Rudolph or Jingle Bells, it’s like after Christmas everyone forgets - even the children. When you hear that first Christmas song – especially if it’s Fairytale of New York – you can’t help but love it.

5 – Kids. No matter how much I loved Christmas before I had kids, I love it ten times more now that I have them. The joy on their faces. The amazing, magical lie that you continue, because you really wish inside that it was all real, and why wouldn’t you continue the beautiful lie for as long as you could.

6 – making plans. There are so many plans that are made at Christmas time, to see old friends, new friends, family. These plans are stuck to, very different from the usual cancelations due to life getting in the way. I find it impossible sticking to plans, especially since these small cute people entered my life and started making my plans for me.

7 – Decorating your house. Sitting in your house after it’s been decorated is the best thing. Sitting with a glass of red wine, among your garlands and tree with shimmering lights is actually the best thing ever. This year I found some awesome decorations from Sass and Bell, as usual I got them here.

8 – playing with your new toys. Well, possibly not playing with my new toys, but playing with the kids new toys. It’s the best bit about having kids, being able to play like a kid. We’re at the stage of jewellery boxes, but also doctors kits and jigsaws. Something new every two minutes, it’s great, boredom is a thing of the past.

I’m so looking forward to it next year, but for now, I’ll look forward to everything new on the horizon for 2018.

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