1 tip to deal with babybrain

Seeing as nature is so good at everything else I would have thought it would have realised that after women have a baby they need to be able to remember things. Suddenly life isn’t just worrying about yourself, but another person too. All of a sudden you have so many more things in life to remember!

Worse than forgetting about yourself and silly things, you start to forget about them too. Forgetting to take them to appointments, forgetting to bring their shoes for PE in nursery, forgetting to plug them in to their car seat, the list goes on. Nature has made a big mistake. The more I learn about baby brain, I realise the struggle is very real.

If I’m working I’m usually going at a hundred miles an hour, always, and it’s great. So when I do it in the house, now that I’ve got a baby, suddenly I’ve got the washing machine and the dishwasher on, I’m trying to make beds and tidy up and then I stop and think I’ve been trying to make that tea for hours, then I make the tea, I realise I’ve started 4 times and I’ve got 4 teabags in it. I don’t even correct this mistake, I just roll with the punches, if the caffeine’s got any punches to give I’ll appreciate it. It must be quite funny reading this if you’ve gone through it, but actually it is shit.

Is it time to try anything yet?

Natural recommendations from the internet. Apparently these should be the go to.

-          Avocado

-          Oily fish

-          Olive oil

After research these are the things that are going to bring my brain back to me. I’ve been inhaling these things daily in the hope that something changes.

Although it makes me sick to my stomach forgetting things like strapping the car seat in, baby brain is a thing. This is the reality of life. Not a good, happy, well balanced life, but a stressed new mother trying to survive in the world life. Only a small part and it will leave us. IT WILL. I remember it did before. You do get to the point of thinking that you’ll never be able to hold a decent conversation or do a job again, but you can and will be able to as soon as you have to.

We’re all in this baby madness together. It does end. They do grow up. This is a sad statement to make while I’m looking into my baby’s eyes. “You will grow up soon” and I’ll be looking back wishing I had baby brain, because along with baby brain came a baby.

Enjoy your baby.