I’m quite excited about sharing this recipe. As I’ve said before, I’m not one for recipes, or weighing and measuring too exactly so I was so excited when I managed this banana bread (or I suppose it could be cake) without scales and missing a few major ingredients ……

As I sit here in silence, I don’t even know whether to write about my “hard” journey, others may not agree. They may be thinking how is your journey so hard, you have a husband who comes home at night, you have healthy and happy children and these things I am so grateful for you wouldn’t believe. Maybe I’m not as strong as I once thought I was, or maybe I just have a temper than I can’t control and these things throw me over the edge, where usually I would snap and go and shut myself in a room for a while, it’s impossible now…….

I meant to post this months ago when I first found out that it was so cheap and easy! So I had almost completely run out of food when I first made this, but it turned out that I had the ingredients for it, and most people probably would….. I’m always looking for inspiration and I’m not one for planning amazing meals and taking lots ……..

Blank Canvas

I feel like this post may get a bit airy fairy from my side with the subject “you are the artist” but here goes.

Without focusing too much it makes me think of Lana Del Rey’s latest album. She’s become a slight obsession of mine, she was introduced to me by a close friend about 7 years ago and I’ve loved her ever since. It was a shock to me, seeing as I’m usually into soft rock, 80s music and a bit of Maddonna, she’s haunting I suppose has seen me through some less than shiny periods. In the song I’m thinking about she sings “you are the masters of your own fate, the captain of your own soul” and I remember thinking as I was listing “God that’s powerful and shit she’s right.”

Summer Musings

Blogging has taken a turn for the worst since I got back to work. Not because I enjoy it any less, but because my time is so precious I feel like I owe it all to the kids.

Actually I’m loving work, I’m loving the fact that I’m using my brain again and that I have a full lunch break to read my book! I mean it’s a dream! It was definitely the right time to go back, plus I’m learning a lot too so it’s really good for my mental health. I think having a baby completely removes you from normality for such a long time that you do need to sort yourself our or focus yourself in some way. Everyone’s different but also kind of the same.

After our days away I realise there is so much of Scotland that we really don’t know. This is a beautiful farm, with our beautiful cottage tucked away 10 minutes from the nearest town Annan. There was no need to go to Annan other than for our food shopping, although they mentioned that we could order to out house and not leave at all!

We were well prepared although like normal we never make any plans. The plan became investigate.

Spring Thoughts

So I’m having a bit of an 80s 90s vibe just now, so I feel like I should share as I’m loving it.

TV – so we started watching ER from the start and it’s awesome! I was too young to watch it right from the start before and I’m so glad that I’ve decided to go back, sometimes going back and watching the old things can be cool too and perhaps

For A New Mother

Everyone will have big things to overcome as a new monther, some may seem small, but everything is big at this new stage. It’s a time that your whole life is turned upside down and you lose yourself a bit, my hurdle is about feeding, so if you’re a new mother, there will be a hurdle....

I suppose you could call this an adventure. My 30th birthday.

One of my closest friend started to organise my birthday, offering me many suggestions on what I should do and as she manages her life and work life, she organised me. After deliberating on all of her options I fell in love with one and felt it was the most practical for everyone that I wanted there and although it wasn’t lots of people, I would have been upset if any hadn’t been able to attend. So the decision was made – Glasgow....

Easy, Tasty, Healthy. No1

Recently I’ve been questioning everything that I put into my body. I’ve been thinking of things that we can eat that takes little preparation time, so every time I find something worth sharing I’ll post it.

1 tip to deal with babybrain

Seeing as nature is so good at everything else I would have thought it would have realised that after women have a baby they need to be able to remember things. Suddenly life isn’t just worrying about yourself……

4 Reasons to Move to the Country

Having lived in the city for my first 22 years I still look out of my window in awe of the countryside and how different life is. My late childhood and early teens were spent in the Scottish mountains and sometimes the Italian Alps, so when I was old enough to know that I could move away…

Sometimes it's OK if the Whole Restaurant Hates You.

Sometimes you are the people that you used to look at with disgust and think “that will never be me!” Never say never though, you can’t control other people, and that’s exactly what your children are, other people. They may have your genes, but they sure as hell have their own minds and personalities and you wouldn’t wish any less. But again when you’re trying to reason with these massively unreasonable people….

Lets Stop and Think About Ourselves for a Second

At this time of year you would normally be feeling the beautiful crisp effect of spring just about to descend on us, but instead it feels like we’re going backwards. This winter wonderland would have been more suited to December than March, the month of buds starting to show, the Easter bunny, the end of the winter and most importantly…

Hello Aviemore

My favourite road is the a9 just as you pass Dunkeld – the trees make you think that you’re entering a different country, the scenery changes. It’s the best feeling, knowing that you’re going on holiday. Our choice just to holiday in Britain – mostly Scotland – until the kids are older was the best decision and we’re starting to find amazing places…

The Scary Beginning of Childcare

It’s possibly the worst thing in the world when you turn around and leave a crying baby who wants only to cuddle you. That was us this morning, the baby was at her third settle at nursery for her imminent start tomorrow. The first two were not happy times, for her or us, so you can imagine my fear…

Post Natal Something

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about mental health and motherhood recently. People that have had no mental health problems, suddenly feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. It got me to thinking, I’ve always been 100% sure that there has never been anything wrong with me…

Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone

So I quit my job today. I couldn’t think of anything worse than going back after my maternity ended, so there it is. I’m unemployed…..which strangely is more of a relief than it is scary. 

After a nightmare two years, hardly able to keep my eyes open to feed and put my daughter to sleep, falling asleep the minute she was…